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Quality System

Written Inspection
We have detail inspection to perform a particular work right from raw material stage to finish products.

We do in a specified way to carryout an activity or a process.

Testing Checking
Method: We have got control at different stages for testing/ Checking methods like-gas cutting, edge preparation, fit up and welding using proper electrodes strictly as per drawing / specification / layout. Finally Quality of welding joints are check by UST as per customer directives.

Quality Control Operation
Our Quality Control personnel ensure for quality procedure only, having checks at various stages eg. Raw Material Inspection/ Intermediate Inspection/ Final Inspection and Maintaining of proper documents of Jobs as per drawing / Specifications.

Nature of Business

Manufacturer and fabricators of mechanical spares & Components as per drawings & specifications provided by the Customers. Our specialty is in heavy fabrication, & development of critical / precision items.

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